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Answers to common, general questions

Some games and apps, such as the Magic Square Painter, have their own Q & A list.

How much do the games/apps cost to play?

$0.00. If you wish to make a financial contribution to our work, please visit the donations page.

Can you add feature XYZ?

Possibly. It depends on what it is and for which game/app.

Do you have programs for download or mobile devices?

Currently, all of the available games and apps are designed for use in web browsers on a Desktop or Laptop. However, we are aiming to offer mobile versions in the future! We may also offer versions of our current selection and new games that you can download and play offline. This web site will be updated accordingly.

Which browsers are recommended?

Chromium powered browsers are ideal for the best performance. There have been reports of problems in Firefox.

What is GDevelop?

The engine that we use to create our games & apps. Click here to visit their site and learn more.